The story

The existence of the Startup Validator was motivated by the desire to make a mockery of the conditions for evaluating startups by investors.

The first representation of the Startup Validator is an erasable marker visual I made on the wall of an office I occupied with Les Propulseurs in April 2014.

Each of the questions was directly inspired by the statements and advice given by the startup gurus of the moment. My main sources of influence were: Guy Kawasaki, Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, Jacques-Antoine Granjon, Oussam Ammar

Startup Validator
First wall and low tech version of the “Start-up Validator” concept in 2014

As you can see, this evaluation test is not a scientific analysis tool for your project! On the contrary, the initial idea of this representation was to stage the subjective evaluation criteria of startups.

Criteria on which, however, many investors will build a good part of their opinion, despite the business plans and other forecast data that will be submitted to them.

So, use the Startup Validator as a game and take on the challenge with humor!

Validatorably yours ! — Luc

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